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Delivery ManWe can arrange personal delivery to any part of the UK. Please contact us for details.

We have delivered baptisteries to churches all over the world including Australia, China and USA. Please contact us for a quotation.

Standard Oval Portable Baptistery

£1095.00 + delivery
Submersible Water Pump and 10m Hose £ 75.00
Waterproof groundsheet 4m x 3m

£ 15.00

Large Oval size tank (in 6 pieces)                              £1375.00

Large round 2.3m diameter pool 700mm deep            £1650.00

Large round 2.3m diameter pool 900mm deep            £1800.00

Other Accessories:

Step platform 200mm high                                         £135.00

Semi-circular table top                                               £135.00


If you require any further information please contact Martin or Clare Hoggart by E-mail at or by telephone on 01484 517412 and leave a message.

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