Standard Oval Tank

Baptistery Assembly - Image 1 The Standard Oval Portable Baptistry comes in kit form, made up from six lightweight timber sections and an all-in-one durable waterproof liner. A submersible waterpump and 10m flexible hose is also available for emptying the tank.



Baptistery Assembly - Image 2


The Portable Baptistry has a robust frame constructed from timber and has vertical timber cladding to the outside. The blue PVC liner simply stretches over the outer rim.



Baptistery Assembly - Image 3


Assembly only takes around 15 minutes. The outer frame simply bolts together using wing nuts, which are concealed on the inside, this requiring no tools to assemble.



Baptistery Assembly - Image 4


Adding the blue PVC liner requires a minimum of three people, as it has to be stretched over the outer frame. This creates a completely watertight, heavy duty liner.


Baptistery Assembly - Image 5


Filling of the Baptistery will be different in each situation, it holds around 825 litres and takes approximately 90 minutes from a standard domestic water supply. Emptying takes only around 15 minutes with the submersible pump and hose, which we can also supply.

Baptistery Assembly - Image 6


Transportation is also very easy, shown here the kit is in the back of a Vauxhall Vectra, but we have also transported them in a car the size of a Ford Focus! Each component is light enough for an individual to lift.



Baptistery Assembly - Image 7 Storage is not a problem, as the components all fit inside each other, and so only require the minimum of space. Aprox size of standard tank when packed away is 1220mm x 800mm x 700mm (48’ x 32’ x28’).

Standard size tank costs just £1095

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